Sk8Strong has designed videos that are appropriate for every level of skater. Currently, they are the only series of skating-specific strength training videos designed for each level of skater. Choose from Developing the Youth Skater, The Competitive Skater, Adult Training, Advanced Competitive Training, and The Ultimate Dynamic Warmup  to create a training program that is right for you. Also available is Core Stability Training, which is appropriate  for the skater who is only looking for a core workout program. The warmup is the perfect complement to any of the other videos to provide a skater with a comprehensive program that includes core strengthening, lower body functional strengthening, upper body strengthening, plyometrics, dynamic warmups, and stretching. The Skater Evaluation was created as a tool for coaches, parents, and fitness professionals to evaluate a skater's weaknesses and flexibility imbalances. Equipment recommendations can be found HERE.

By purchasing multiple videos, you automatically save $10 on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th videos that you buy (*applies to $39.95 videos only). Scroll to the middle of our video catalog to the 'Create Your Own' sets to automatically receive your discount. The Sk8Strong manual also includes every exercise from all of Sk8strong's videos, training schedules, skill analyses, injury reports, articles, and more. Read below for more information about each program:

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The Competitive Skater (For the skater age 11 and up, or above the pre-juvenile level)

At the levels which a skater is asked to perform double and triple jumps, numerous spin variations, and intricate footwork, a skater must possess significant core strength, lower extremity stability, muscular power, and endurance. 'The Competitive Skater' will take your off-ice training to a new level to achieve the strength necessary to move to the next level and beyond. In 'The Competitive Skater,' skaters are instructed exercises in three different circuits that last 30-45 minutes each, depending on the number of sets and repetitions you choose to complete. Each exercise clip includes full demonstration and instruction of proper technique and body mechanics. The exercises include:

  • Three to four functional lower extremity exercises per circuit

  • Two to three upper body strengthening exercises per circuit

  • Three advanced core stabilization exercises per circuit

  • Beginning to advanced plyometric jump exercise progressions to add to any circuit

The exercises can be progressed from a skilled to highly advanced level with the use of medicine and stability balls, sport cords, foam rolls, and balance boards and discs. The challenge levels are endless, and you choose how fast or slow you progress, according to your ability and schedule! Each exercise is instructed in detail to describe proper technique. You will receive a written exercise progression for each exercise. This video is appropriate for a skater at or above the pre-juvenile level, the competitive skater, an advanced adult skater under the age of thirty, or a skater who is experienced with fitness training.

"Developing The Youth Skater" (For the skater age 7-10, under the pre-juvenile level)

A developing young skater does not naturally possess the balance, coordination, strength, and movement patterns necessary for the mastery of basic skating skills, jumps, and spins. 'Developing the Youth Skater' has all of the tools to improve upon these areas to become a better skater and athlete. A skater is given three different circuits, each 25-40 minutes in length, depending on the repetitions and sets the skater chooses to complete. Each exercise clip is 25-40 seconds in length and includes detailed demonstration and instruction of proper body mechanics and technique. A skater will learn how to:

  • develop functional movement patterns

  • build core stability and balance

  • improve body awareness

  • prepare the body for the increasing demands of the sport in the years to come

  • begin plyometric training

The exercises range from simple to moderately difficult, depending on the skater’s skill level, and each exercise is progressed as the skater becomes stronger. You choose the speed of your progressions according to your comfort level. Three different circuits incorporating core exercises and upper and lower body strengthening exercises are instructed in detail. This video is appropriate for a beginning skater above age 7 to a skater at the preliminary level, or a skater who is very new to off-ice exercises. A skater can progress to The Competitive Skater' video as he/she progresses to higher skating levels.

"Adult Training" (For any level adult skater over age 30)

Finally, a figure skating product that is created specifically for the adult skater! We all know that figure skating takes a toll on the body, and it is even more difficult for adult skaters to remain healthy and injury free as they are training. 'Adult Training' provides a comprehensive off-ice training program that will reduce risk of injury, improve skating skills, and give a skater the strength and power of a younger skater that they never thought they could achieve! But don't associate the word 'adult' with easy. The levels of each exercise can be progressed from simple to very challenging, depending on how much you want to challenge yourself. In 'Adult Training,' skaters are given three different circuits, each 30-45 minutes in length, depending on how many repetitions and sets you choose to do. Each exercise clip is 25-40 seconds in length, and provides detailed demonstration and instruction of proper body mechanics and technique. In this video skaters are instructed:

  • three to four functional lower extremity exercises per circuit

  • two to three upper extremity strengthening exericses per circuit

  • three core stabilization exercises per circuit

  • basic plyometric exercises to add to any circuit

What makes it different from our other videos? Adult skaters can be more prone to injury and have musculoskeletal conditions not seen in younger athletes. Sk8Strong’s 'Adult Training' includes training tips for skaters with the most common musculoskeletal diagnoses. Written progressions are included for every exercise, and you can make them as easy or difficult as you choose, by increasing reps and sets, and adding variations and tools to challenge your balance. Each exercise is instructed in detail to describe proper technique. This video is appropriate for any level adult level skater, and also ice dancers who do not need the plyometric program of 'The Competitive Skater.'

'The Ultimate Dynamic Warmup' (For all levels of skaters)

In 'The Ultimate Dynamic Warmup,' skaters of all levels and ages will learn a pre-competition and pre-practice warmup that will prepare every muscle for the demands of skating. There are over thirty exercises to choose from, and detailed instruction of technique is provided for each exercise. Gone are the days of static stretching; dynamic exercise has proven to be the most effective way to increase mobility. The exercises can even be performed on a daily basis, even if you're not a skater! What are the benefits of dynamic exercise?

  • quickly increased blood flow to muscles and joints

  • improved mobility

  • significantly reduced risk of injury by taking each muscle and joint through its full range of motion

Dynamic stretching has revolutionized the fitness world and the way we stretch. 'The Ultimate Dynamic Warmup' is the perfect complement to any Sk8Strong video to complete your off-ice training program. You’ll never want to do static stretches before you skate again! Sk8Strong does provide instruction of several static stretches at the end of this video to be used as a cool down, and the warmup also includes foam roll self-massage and muscle warmup exercises.

'Advanced Competitive Training' (For skaters who have completed 'The Competitive Skater' or 'Adult Training')

The 'Advanced Competitive Training' video was created for the athlete who has mastered Sk8Strong's 'Competitive Skater' or 'Adult Training' video and is looking to further their workout program with the most challenging and skating training specific exercises on the market. Included in this video are two separate circuits, 25-40 minutes in length, that give a skater a full body workout, including upper body, lower body, and core functional exercises. We have also included a BONUS section for those interested in using the TRX or jungle gym training straps: a tough and fun workout to make the most out of your fitness routine! (Please note that you do not need the training straps for this video, only if you wish to use the bonus section.) It is not recommended that you purchase this video unless you have reached the highest progressions in 'Adult Training' or 'The Competitive Skater,' unless you are of a very high fitness level and experienced with functional training. Or, purchase this video in conjunction with 'Adult Training' or the 'Competitive Skater' to prepare for your exercise progression.

'Core Stability Training' (For all levels of skaters)

In "Core Stability Training" you learn a progression of core strengthening exercises from a beginner to advanced level, perfect for the skater who wants to focus on a specialized core training program. Choose your workout from a collection of core exercises that will give a skater the abdominal and lower back strength that is necessary to complete the most difficult of skating moves. It is not recommended to purchase this video with 'Adult Training' or "The Competitive Skater,' as many of the exercises overlap.

'The Skater Evaluation'

'The Skater Evaluation' was created as a tool for coaches, parents, fitness professionals, and skaters to assess a skater's muscle weaknesses and flexibility deficits. Included is a catalog of over twenty assessment exercises to evaluate a skater's upper body, core, and lower body strength and flexibility. Once you have determined the skater's deficits, you can proceed to a catalog of over twenty corrective exercises to improve upon your findings. Simple to follow and easy to apply, these tests and exercises will give you the knowledge of how to correct musculoskeletal problems that limit a skater's ability to perform jumps, spins, and footwork. Skaters of all levels may use this video to improve their skating skills and awareness of what their bodies are capable of! What's even better?? Not only do you receive 'The Skater Evaluation' video; you will receive a bonus companion manual (in pdf format) with pictures and descriptions of every test and exercise. And there's more: The manual includes a list of muscles and joints tested, and exactly which skating skills and moves they affect. Apply what you've learned in the tests, and automatically relate your findings to jumps, spin positions, and more!

Evaluate a skater's:

  • lower extremity alignment

  • hip flexor, hamstring, quadricep, hip external rotation, hip flexion, shoulder rotation, shoulder flexion, spine, and IT Band mobility

  • core strength in numerous tests

  • gluteus medius, glute, lower trapezius, back, hip flexor, hamstring, hip adductor, and quadriceps strength

Figure out why you or your skater(s) have trouble extending into a certain spin position, holding a jump landing, fixing a lutz or flip leg kick, achieving a biellman or layback position, or maintaining alignment on a jump takeoff. Immediately remedy these problems by having the skater perform the necessary corrective exercises. Notice the difference in a skater's technique in even a few weeks!