Conducted by Lauren Downes, MSPT, physical therapist, 

Off-ice trainer and professional skating coach

Sk8Strong aims to be the complete off-ice training resource for developing, competitive, and recreational figure skaters. With Sk8Strong seminars and workshops, skaters and coaches will receive the latest information in the world of off-ice training and strength and conditioning. We offer a variety of seminar topics that can be combined in any way to create a full day workshop or a shorter interactive seminar. Seminar topics are offered to both skaters and coaches, and can be divided into high and low level, or by age. Coaches are welcome to attend, or we can accommodate a group of coaches to create a 'coach only seminar.' 

  The Following is a list of interactive off-ice one-hour seminar topics.  Each skater will receive a packet of exercises to take home as a reference. The only topic in a lecture format is 'The Biomechanics of Skating.'  Choose which topics to be part of your seminar or workshop. 

 *The Biomechanics of Skating: Teaches the basics of the musculature and joints of the human body and how they relate to jumps, spins, stroking, moves and various skating positions.  Learn the relationship between upper and lower body functions. 

 *Plyometrics and Agility Drills: Teaches safe and effective plyometric progressions and agility drills for skaters.  Learn how muscles are used in both on and off ice jumping. (Offered for skaters and coaches at the same time )

 *The Core: Teaches how to apply core strengthening principles to all on ice movements.  Learn how to be aware if a skater has a weak core, and learn safe exercises for a skater to perform.  Use of pilates, balance and physioball exercises. 

 *Stretching 101: Teaches several different stretching methods to help a skater reach maximum flexibility.  Also included is the instruction of a pre-competition warm-up. 

 *Functional Exercise Progressions: Teaches the basics of functional lower and upper body exercises, and how to progress them. Focuses on the use of correct body mechanics with exercise. 

**NEW: On/off ice combination workshop

Sk8Strong is excited to introduce our new on-ice component to the programs we offer! This 2 1/2 hour segment includes 2 hours of interactive on-ice analysis of skaters' jumps, spins, stroking, and moves. Skaters and coaches will learn how flexibility and strength at every joint affect their ability to achieve the positions necessary for proper technique. Each skater will receive a personalized chart showing their strengths and weaknesses of each element. Following the on-ice component, skaters will be given 1/2 hour instruction of specific exercises that will help correct the strengths and weaknesses that were found in the on-ice analysis. This section can be combined with any other off-ice classes to create the most beneficial seminar for your club!

 There are several ways to customize a seminar/workshop to fit your club/rink's needs: 

 1) How to create your own full-day workshop…. 

Sk8Strong’s full-day workshop runs for 7 ½ hours and includes topics for both skaters and adults. Choose 4 of the 5 topics we offer, and Sk8Strong will develop a schedule similar to this: 

(SAMPLE) Low Level Skater Schedule               

9-10AM       Biomechanics   

10-11AM      The Core      

11-11:15AM  Break      

11:15-12:15 Plyometrics and Agility 

12:15-1:15   Lunch  

1:15-2:15     Stretching 101

High Level Skater Schedule

11:15AM-12:15PM Plyometrics and Agility

12:15PM-1:15PM Biomechanics

1:15PM-2:15 PM Lunch

2:15PM-3:15PM The Core

3:15PM-4:15PM Stretching 101

4:15PM-4:30PM Wrap-up

Sk8Strong will work with what best suits your rink/club. 

Fees for full-day workshop: $55 per skater, $55 per coach 

*There is a minimum of 10 skaters, maximum of 20 skaters per group 

*The club or rink sponsoring the full day workshop is responsible for all Sk8Strong travel expenses and food and beverage for skaters at lunch 


2) How to create your own seminar package… 

Combine any of Sk8Strong’s topics, for skaters and/or coaches, to make your own seminar. 

Fees per off-ice class: $15 per skater, $15 per coach 

Example: If a skater or coach attends 3 topics, the fee is $45 

Fee for 2 1/2 hour on/off ice combination workshop segment: $35 (can be combined with any other off-ice classes) 

*There is a minimum of 10 skaters/coaches per  off-ice topic, maximum of 20 skaters/coaches, (maximum for on-ice segment is 15 skaters) 

*There will be a ½ hour lunch break during a five+  hour seminar 

If your club or rink is interested in application forms to host a seminar, please contact Lauren Downes at or at (413)262-7053. Thank you for your interest in Sk8Strong seminars! 

Sk8Strong Interactive Seminars