Welcome to the Sk8Strong Store

VIDEOS: Sk8Strong videos, which have been endorsed by the Professional Skaters Association, are available individually or in sets. Save $10 when you purchase 2 Sk8Strong videos, save $20 when you purchase 3 Sk8Strong videos, or save $30 with the purchase of Sk8Strong's 4-video set. All videos are in digital format and are downloadable upon purchase and will be sent through Google Drive. We are phasing out our DVD copies as technology has advanced and shipping costs have greatly increased. If you are interested in a physical DVD, please purchase the digital product first, then email Lauren at lauren@sk8strong.com to request a DVD. Lauren will then send you a payment request or shipping charges. All titles are available in DVD format except 'The Competitive Skater.' We continue to ship both physical and digital versions of our book and manual.

MANUALS: The 'Sk8Strong Off-Ice Training for Figure Skaters Manual' and 'The Figure Skater's Guide to Injuries and Biomechanics' are both available in downloadable and hard copy format.

ONLINE TRAINING/ASSESSMENTS: Lauren Downes, MSPT, of Sk8Strong, offers online training classes in both group class and individual format through the zoom platform, and also offers individual assessments for a personalized experience and development of a home exercise program.. Exercises covered can be from the following: core strengthening, functional lower and upper body strengthening, plyometrics, stretching, and dynamic warmup. The focus is always towards skating specific exercises and injury prevention. Lauren will devise a plan that is specific to your needs and requests. Create your own group and Lauren will set up a schedule and plan for your group. Please contact Lauren at lauren@sk8strong.com or 413-262-7053 for questions.

Accepted forms of payment are credit card, Paypal, and ApplePay. We ship internationally and accept credit card payment from non-US banks.