"As a Physical Therapist and mom to an Ice skating daughter, I was searching for off-ice training aids when I found Sk8strong.com. My goal is to allow my daughter and others I treat in the Ice Skating world to learn safe techniques and exercises to prevent injuries. Wow, I love all the videos as they are so specific to the sport and they are even helping this 50 year old (who is new to Ice Skating) get stronger. I can't recommend your videos enough. The focus on the core and exercises for the competitive skater are a must have for all skaters. The off ice training for the adult skater was a great addition to my work out!!  Thanks for all you produce. Keep up the great info!" 

Chloe Sluis, PT, owner of "Hands With Heart Physical Therapy", mom to ice skater, and herself a skater.

"I am extremely pleased to give my full personal and professional endorsement to the Steve Conca, Director of Strength & Conditioning for ATTAIN Sports Performance, and consultant for Sk8Strong Inc. I have had opportunities to work in professional athletics as well as in the foremost training facilities in this country including the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. I can say without reservation that the work, dedication, philosophy, and technology used at ATTAIN is among the best I have seen when it comes to a full service approach to strength and conditioning. I have had the opportunity to work with Steve Conca with both teams and individual athletes and I am always pleased with the results. I recently published the book, “Athletic Body in Balance”, and not only does Steve adhere to the philosophy and technology put forth in the book, I used Steve’s programs as a resource to help develop the philosophy and refine the exercises published in my book. This guy gets the job done!" Gray Cook, MSPT,OCS,CSCS , http://www.functionalmovement.com/ 

"Lauren, congratulations in creating the one and only series of off-ice instructional DVD's for figure skaters!  Beyond being sport-specific and supported by all of our medical literature, you found a unique way to create separate videos for "The Youth Skater", "The Competitive Skater" and "The Adult Skater".  It is essential that skaters follow this type of sports-specific conditioning to maximize their true potential on the ice and ultimately prevent injury and promote longevity to their skating career.  Every skater that is serious about the sport should have one of your DVD's."  -David Lipetz, Physical Therapist/Off-Ice Specialist and creator of the Off-Ice Edge 

"I like how you have laid out the progression information and the different circuits. I teach a lot of off-ice courses for the skaters at our club in the summer. However, during the school year it is difficult for me to meet with the majority of the skaters because of my college athletic training schedule. This is easily laid out and simply...well done!!

-Julie Deyak, ATC and MS in Exercise Physiology. Works with skaters at the St. Cloud FSC in Minnesota 

 *A nice review ad some comments by others at: http://icepact.blogspot.com/2010/06/fitness-for-figure-skatersor-me.html 

  "The Adult Training DVD would fit adult skaters' needs perfectly-I use it (in variety with my other training) and have found it an excellent tool for ANY adult at ANY level of fitness. The DVD follows a logical progression and works what needs to be worked safely and efficiently."  -Delaware Adult Skater 

"I love your DVDs! Great for any skater or anyone interested in being tip-top shape! Thank you!" - @jasonOR via twitter 

"I love the portability of Sk8strong! I've done it at the beach, on the farm, in my city gym. So much value." -@MER11 via twitter 

 "Wow. @Sk8Strong That workout is amazing! I really love the training exercises. Its helping me so much." -@napanda via twitter 

"Wow! Great dvd for skaters. Detailed excellent instructions, professional, quick shipping."  -Alyce, Adult skater 

  "I'm am finding as I skate more and more that a DVD of at-home exercises aimed at strengthening is what's important for skaters. SkateStrong is really good. I recommend it. I ordered it on the hope that it would help and wow, it's helping." -anonymous adult skater 

 "Great DVDs, unique for Australian skaters.  I surely will be back!" -mother of Australian novice national pair skater, regarding "The Competitive Skater" and "The Ultimate Dynamic Warmup" 

"I bought your training manual last year and I have really enjoyed your training program! I am very thankful for your expertise in both fields of skating and PT!  -Irene Chasen, adult skater 

"Very high quality, and very highly recommended!!!  Immediate delivery." -Mary-Anne, adult skater 

  "I have worked with Lauren Downes for roughly 4.5 years now, and I have nothing but great things to say about her and her program. My physical strength and abilities both on and off the ice began to improve virtually immediately upon starting functional training. It's far more detail oriented than any other strength program I have ever done. By pinpointing subtle weaknesses within the body that can be improved on, both my balance and stability naturally began to progress. Variations in difficulty levels in the exercises following mastery have helped guide me from a mid-level skater to an upper-level skater. The most invaluable reward I’ve received from maintaining my personal strength under Lauren’s guidance has been injury prevention. Lauren’s evaluations have always been spot on, and I trust her more than anyone I’ve ever worked with previously. My athletic performance has peaked thanks to her and her skills." -Emily Catenzaro, former senior level competitive skater 

  "I worked with Lauren for 4 years and she is professional and fun to work with.  She helped me recuperate from several injuries, and I highly recommend Lauren's off-ice training programs and DVDs." -Tara Greenhalgh, former Junior National Intermediate Ladies finalist 

  "Lauren has worked with my daughter Christina off ice for over 5 years and there has been a noticeable change in her balance, coordination and strength ever since." - Louise Perfetto, mother 2008 New England Regional senior ladies silver medalist, Christina Perfetto. 

"Steve Conca is an incredible asset to our sporting community. I worked with Steve for several years, and sent a wide variety of patients to him.  Most were competitive athletes, from high school to college to the professional level.  We have long been in need of a way to transition athletes from rehab to the “real world” of their sport. Injured athletes recover very well with the help of traditional physical therapy, but they frequently need a “higher level” of training/coaching in order to effectively return to their sport. I have seen dramatic results with patient after patient, using the services of Coach Conca. Many of my referrals have been athletes with recurrent overuse-type injuries. These patients often have the same injury year after year. With the help of the Functional Movement Screen, Coach Conca is often able to detect the inefficient movement patterns that seem to be at the root for these recurrent injuries.  Most importantly he is able to correct the underlying movement problem so that the injuries no longer occur.  Injury prevention is another key component of Coach Conca’s programming. Female athletes, for example, who are at higher risk for ACL injury, can reduce their risk by undergoing the sport-specific strength and flexibility training. Whether you are a middle school or high school athlete, a professional athlete, or simply an avid exerciser wanting to improve your performance and decrease your injury risk, I strongly recommend Steve Conca." -Mike Hilts, MD, Piedmont Orthopedics 

  "Routinely doing off-ice training with Lauren Downes has improved my strength and endurance, which has allowed me to improve my overall skating performance." -12 year old juvenile competitive skater  

In my second year with coach Conca, I worked to refine my mechanics and continued to improve my speed and power. Our intense speed sessions were complemented by advanced balance and flexibility exercises. I was also taught recovery techniques to use after rigorous training and games. By the end of the second year, I had taken nearly two seconds off my time in the 60-yard dash. I am without question a far stronger, faster, more agile, and more dynamic athlete today as a result of Coach Conca’s first-class coaching. Thanks to him, I was fully prepared athletically to succeed on my current team at the IMG Soccer Academy in Bradenton, Florida. "  -Edward Cartee 

"I have worked with Mr. Steve Conca for the past 10 years and have found his services invaluable to my patients. I have a very busy sports medicine practice and utilized Steve’s expertise to help get my athletes back on the field safely. He worked closely with my physical therapy staff to take over where they left off, overseeing agility and speed training, core strengthening, body mechanics, and preventative programs. His clients where very pleased with his care. I believe that his approach to athletic performance and injury prevention is integral to a well rounded sports medicine program and strength and conditioning program. I would highly recommend his services."  -Robert Wainer, MD, Murphy Wainer Orthopedics