Training Frequency

Each skater’s training routine and requirements are different, depending on the skater’s level, schedule, and goals. A national competitor may do off-ice training five days per week, as opposed to a recreational skater’s program of one day a week. Sk8Strong recommends two to four days of off-ice training which involves a 30-45 minute circuit each session, depending on your level.  Each circuit (three are instructed in each video) provides a skater with a comprehensive workout that includes core, lower body, and upper  body strengthening exercises, and they can be completed on a rotating basis.  Even if you choose to complete one circuit per week, you will show gains in strength, flexibility, and on-ice consistency.  You take your training into your own hands, and control your own progress.  As you will see in Sk8Strong videos, we make different recommendations for different levels of skater, and each video is level-appropriate. You can choose between the 'Developing the Youth Skater,'  'The Competitive Skater,' and 'Adult Training'  Sk8Strong videos.  With purchase of a Sk8Strong video or manual, Lauren can be contacted by email at at any time to discuss a training plan and schedule at no cost. We want to be involved in a skater’s training, and will answer any pertinent questions regarding off-ice training. Lauren also conducts one-on-one evaluations in person for those who are interested in an individualized program.  Please visit our ONLINE TRAINING catalog to see how you can receive a personalized program, even if you are not able to see Lauren in person! 

*Sample periodization and training schedules are also provided in Sk8Strong's manual